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Why You Should Take Loose Leaf Tea Studies have shown that taking loose leaf tea comes with many benefits. Loose green leaf tea is made from the same plant as black tea. However, the difference between the green tea and black tea is that the former is not fermented during the manufacturing process. This means that green tea retains most of the healing and health benefits of its compounds. If you are still wondering what the benefits of lose leaf green tea are, this article will help you. Enhances Your Metabolism One of the benefits of loose leaf green tea is that it increases metabolism. The tea has a number of flavonoids known to boost metabolism. These flavonoids are known as catechins. When your metabolism rate improves, your body will burn more energy. As a result, you will lose weight. In a study carried out to determine which between a controlled drink and loose green leaf tea lead to the most weight loss produced expected results. Loose green leaf tea emerged as a better beverage for weight loss. Treatment of Acne Many people know that green loose leaf tea promotes weight loss. However, this is not the only benefit of the tea. For example, taking green tea helps to reduce acne. A number of people suggest that acne breakout can be remedied by adding loose leaf green tea in an anti-acne diet. The hormones known to lead to acne are suppressed by compounds found in some of the green tea catechins. Studies have also suggested that green tea has anti-inflammatory properties. The ability of the product to prevent acne is related to its inflammatory properties.
The Key Elements of Great Drinks
Anti-Aging Properties Loose leaf green tea is known to produce various anti-oxidants such as catechins. These catechins anti-oxidants helps to reduce aging. Apart from this, the compounds guard against a number of diseases. Various studies have shown that loose leaf tea has more powerful anti-oxidants than black tea. The fermentation of the black tea makes the anti-oxidants weak.
The Key Elements of Great Drinks
Stops Allergies There are also various allergies that can be prevented by drinking green tea. Inasmuch as there are various compounds that help to stop allergies, the ones in green tea are superior. Some compounds only prevent allergies by attacking the histamines that form from histidines. On the flip side, the compounds in green leaf tea prevent the histamines from forming in the first place. This is why loose leaf green tea is used as a treatment for allergy by alternative health practitioners. Taking loose leaf green tea on a regular basis will help to improve your health. Regardless of the type of loose leaf green tea you want, you can find what you would like in both offline and online stores. The above are some of the benefits of taking green loose leaf tea.

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