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Benefits of Loose Leaf Green Tea There are several pluses to taking tea. Unless you are a lover of tea, there are probably a number of tea varieties you’ve not heard about. Each of these types have their own advantages. For instance the loose leaf green tea has hundreds of advantages. Most people take their tea in tea bags but it has been proven that the loose leaf tea is actually more beneficial. some of the advantages of loose leaf green tea are discussed below. Anti-Acne properties Many people already have the knowledge that green tea helps with loosing weight. However, there are more benefits to this amazing herb. For anyone suffering with skin issues, acne to be specific, this is exactly what you should be taking. You might have struggled to clear your pimples with several different creams and concoctions. Including green tea in your daily diet should help deal with your skin issues from the root without having to deal with any negative effects. Green tea has agents that influence the production of hormones linked to bad skin. The anti-inflammatory elements of the green tea aid in dealing with the lumps and swelling on your face.
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This amazing herb has yet more advantages. It has been noted that the tea helps promote good health by providing relief when it comes to particular allergic reactions. Catechin is a property of green tea that helps people fight allergies. This element, also known as EGCG aids in restoring body functionality. Helps Fight Cancer In addition to helping with acne and allergies the Catechine also aids in dealing with cancer. yes, you may just refer to this tea as a wonder working herb. EGCG in the green tea is great for protecting your cells from any form of damage on the DNA. Green tea aids in combating nitrification which could cause cancer of the esophagus and the stomach. Helps with Cardiovascular issues Scientific research has shown that the cardiovascular system can benefit quite a bit from green tea components. The polyphenol in green tea helps block absorption of cholesterol in the intestines. Excess cholesterol is secreted from the body thanks to the Polyphenol found in green tea. In a certain study, people with high blood pressure were found to register a regular blood pressure, which meant that the tea had an effect on how the blood flows. Antioxidant and Anti-Aging Properties Green tea is great especially if your body needs antioxidants. Loose leaf green allows you to get more antioxidants that when you are taking the tea from tea bags. These antioxidants help improve the health of an individual by slowing down the aging process. Antioxidants will boost your immune system’s functionality, effectively helping you to combat disease.

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