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The Work of Jim Plante May Be of Interest to Patients Diagnosed With Polycystic Kidney Disease

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Being diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease (PKD) can feel overwhelming, leaving the patient scared of how the illness may progress. The person may have already been afraid this diagnosis would be made since a large majority of people with PKD have a parent with the illness. Patients recently diagnosed with PKD may be interested in reading about the work of Jim Plante and the companies this entrepreneur has founded. Their work focuses on genetic testing for disease prevention and wellness enhancement, as well as potential treatments for kidney disease and other debilitating disorders.

Disease Progression

Many people live for decades with PKD and do not develop any major issues. Others experience chronic kidney failure at some point because the cysts in these organs have become so prevalent that waste can no longer be filtered effectively. At this point, patients typically need to begin regular dialysis treatments and may be added to a kidney transplant list.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most common complications of PKD, and it’s a two-edged sword because hypertension is hard on the kidneys. Maintaining tight control over the patient’s blood pressure is imperative. Patients also should be alert to symptoms of PKD that indicate kidney-specific problems. Lower back pain may indicate the development of kidney stones, although this is also a symptom of cyst growth.


People who have PKD or who know it runs in their families may be hesitant to have children. Genetic counseling is advisable to help individuals and couples make decisions. When children have already arrived before a diagnosis, genetic testing is an option for the youngsters. Again, genetic counseling before having this done can be helpful. If a woman with PKD decides to become pregnant or unintentionally becomes pregnant, close monitoring of blood pressure is crucial.


Advancements in medicine and technology are allowing PKD patients to live longer than ever before and to delay the onset of symptoms. Disease-modifying agents, for example, slow the progression of PKD. Klotho Therapeutics is working on the possibility of preventing or delaying the disease with the Klotho protein, which occurs naturally in the body and functions as a hormone.

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