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Activities in Comporta

Stretching 13 miles as a sandy pit on the north of Portugal’s Alentejo region, Comporta is a tiny village tucked away in the Tr?ia peninsula. It specifically sits at the southern end of the wide Sado estuary, in between dense forest and the Atlantic Ocean. The village is beautiful and offers affordable places for tourists. More than that, visitors are amazed with the range of activities in Comporta. Discover the stunning white beaches, marvel at the natural surroundings, or treat yourself to a round of golf.

Here is a list of some of the best activities for you in Comporta:

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Tourism is blooming in Comporta, which has some of Portugal’s most gorgeous beaches. On top the cool waters and the pristine sand, a lot of world-class beach restaurants also await you. Usual Comporta beach activities include volleyball, sunbathing, and running.
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Comporta surfing is quite reasonable and is an unbeatable way to learn the sport. A surfing school is actually located on Carvalhal Beach, where they sign up not just beginners but experts as well. The instructors are, of course, no less than professionals. This can be a memorable first-time experience for you, and one you might just return to every now and then.

Bird Watching

Comporta is a wildlife hub for countless birds species, and most available literature says there are around 200 different species that can be found in this paradise.


A casino in Comporta boasts entertainment night after night, bringing in an influx of foreign tourists to the peninsula, in turn making this destination even more colourful and attractive than ever.


During the whole year, you will witness innumerable cyclists traveling the unique road that stretches the length of the peninsula. For both professional and individual amateurs or professionals, the magnificent views of the Sado Estuary and the Atlantic Ocean are totally irresistible. Also, a number of cycling events and attractions are held here all through the year for the enjoyment of everyone.

Dolphin Observation

Among Comporta’s mind-blowing spectacles is its resident Bottlenose pod of dolphins, which are such splendid mammals giving great joy and memories to tourists for the past twelve years. On some days, you can view the dolphins from shore, but looking at them up close is often more exciting.


Everyone knows that way before the Romans conquered this part of the world, that the locals had fished both the estuary and Atlantic Ocean, which have provided a whole range of fresh and salt water fish and other seafood. Still, today, not a day passes that a fishing vessel or a lone person casting his nets would not be seen.

Horse Riding

If you can only stay in this remarkable destination for a short while, make sure to travel through the dunes and along the coast under the guidance of a professional rider.

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