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The Benefits of Dental Implants

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Since the development of dental implants several decades ago, there have been some important advancements in the technology. When dental implants first became an option, several months of preparation were required before the actual replacement tooth could be placed.

The medical history and lifestyle of the patient was taken into consideration since the final success of the implant could be affected by certain health conditions and habits. The dentist then needed to determine the correct placement of the implant base through careful measurements.

Recent advances in dental implant technology now allows more accurate placement of the base screws using digital imaging. This results in a higher percentage of success for the final tooth restoration. There have also been some positive advances in the material used for an implant base. Titanium has traditionally been the best choice, but zirconia shows promise as a material for patients who prefer a metal-free restoration.

Many seniors find their options for dental restorations become limited as they age, so their dentist may recommend dentures rather than fillings, crowns or bridges. Most people are resistant to the idea of replacing their natural teeth with full or partial dentures since they can be uncomfortable, slip and make talking and eating difficult. Dental implants can anchor dentures to the jawbone so the wearer experiences a more natural feel with no slippage or discomfort.

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