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So, You’re Scheduled for an MRI?

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If you’ve been ordered to have an MRI, then it’s usually because your doctor wants to ensure that there are no health issues that need to be treated.

It could also be because there is an issue that has been detected and that your doctor wants to investigate further as to how severe the concern is before treatment begins. Although an MRI is a simple scan of your body, there are a few things that you can do to prepare before your appointment. 

Giving Details 

There are some things that you need to tell the technician at an mri imaging kenai ak center before your scan begins. Inform the technician if you’re pregnant or if you think that you might be pregnant. You should also let the technician know if you have any permanent pieces of metal in your body, such as a pacemaker or a hip implant. Any fear of being in an enclosed space should be addressed because many medical imaging centers have open MRI options if you are claustrophobic. 


When you are on the table, expect to hear a loud sound as the machine turns on and when the machine goes around your body to complete the scan. This is normal. Earplugs are an option if you want to try to block out the sound, but you be aware that the technician might have to give you instructions as to how to breathe and how to move. These instructions could be difficult to hear if you have earplugs in your ears. 

Short Service 

Most MRI scans only take about 20 minutes to complete. However, if your doctor wants detailed images or images of multiple areas of your body, then you could spend more time having the scan completed. If you know that you’ll be at the center for a longer time, then consider eating a snack and going to the restroom before your appointment so that you’re comfortable during the scan. 

Leave What You Can at Home 

Any jewelry, hair bows, and other accessories should be left at home or with another person if someone else is with you at the center. Anything metallic that can be removed should be because the machine is a large magnet and will pick up anything that it detects. Belly rings and toe rings are included. If you have a tattoo, then make your technician aware so that the area of the body can be protected. Avoid wearing any kind of makeup. Some types have metals in them that can be impacted by the magnets of the MRI machine, so it’s best not to apply any until after the scan

Over and Over 

Be prepared to have the scan performed again if a clear image isn’t seen. This is common and can happen if you move at the wrong moment or if you think the scan is done and move when it’s really not completed. To prevent the scan from being repeated, try to stay as still as possible on the table, only moving or holding your breath when the technician tells you.

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