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Scientific Proof That Exercises Like Pilates and Yoga Can Help People Achieve Peace of Mind

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Pilates is more than just an exercise. People who’ve been doing this for at least a month knows that it does not only help you tone or sculpt your body, but also clears the mind and gives you focus and peace of mind. But, is there something special about it?

Most people do Pilates to flatten their tummy, some do it for fun, some do it to help ease the pain in their joints and muscle, and some do it because they thought it could help them become more flexible or become stronger. But in reality, it can do all of that plus more. Not only it helps your body become stronger, more flexible, tone your body or help ease body pain, it also helps our mind to grow more focus and stabilize our emotions.

In today’s world where distraction is reasonable, and stress is like an everyday occurrence, people are looking for peace of mind and tranquility that will help them understand everything that is happening in their surroundings and their lives. When searching for life balance, we usually consider techniques that can improve ourselves like an affirmation, simplifying and meditation. But people rarely consider doing any form of exercise as a tool to help us achieve balance in our lives. If you are using Pilates for your health, I think you are in the right path. Listed below are scientifically proven reasons why it is a ticket to help people achieve peace of mind.

It improves memory and makes you smarter

People will lose 1% of the volume of their hippocampus, which is responsible for memory retention and cognitive function the moment they enter their late 20s and early 30s. Believe it or not, our brain will start to sink little by little the moment we enter adulthood. Scientists thought that we are born with a specific number of brain cells, but that’s not the case. Recent studies show that the brain is capable of creating new cells and slows down or reverse the shrinkage. It means that Our brain can regenerate damaged brain cells and helps people improve memory, better problem solving, low risk of degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and higher IQ.

Several studies have proved that proper exercise and diet can help improves brain cell regeneration or neurogenesis and protects existing brain cells by increasing B.D.N.F production, a compound that protects the cells. Scientist calls it “Miracle-Gro” or miracle brain grower. You can find the most noticeable change in the hippocampus region, the one responsible for learning and memories.

Another study conducted at the University of Illinois reported in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health suggested that people who do Pilates or Yoga have a more superior brain function compared to people who are doing aerobic exercise.

(Click here to know more about BDNF or Brain-derived neurotrophic factor.)

Pilates trains the brain

Learning a new skill is a proven way to teach your mind. It increases the density of the white matter of our brain. If anyone asks what is white matter, it is the fiber responsible for neuron communications. If these neurons are formed, but don’t connect, they will die without any benefit to the brain. In short, white matter is essential for our brain’s health.

Learning new skills is an integral part of our brain’s health. Most of us don’t have extra free time to learn juggling or take on new hobbies. Exercise programs like Pilates or Yoga can be the right activity that can benefit both our body and our mind. If you do multitask while exercising like watching TV while on a treadmill or listening to music while doing your Pilates, it exercises not only our body but also our mind.

(To know more about the connection between white matter and Pilates, visit

Deep muscle activities mean better function for the nervous system

Every time we use our body to move, we use specific areas of our brain. Our brain sends a signal through our spinal cord to all our muscle fibers. If you know how to use particular muscles in your body, you will fire a chain of movement that was not active for a long time. Your core consists of 29 muscles, are not just six large lumps of muscle found in your abdomen. Learn every one of those 29 muscles to help rinse your nervous system. A healthy nervous system means excellent and clear communication between your brain and your muscles around your body. It also helps release the stress in your body and boost the mood-inducing hormones.

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