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Protecting Yourself After a Split

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When your union has ended because of abuse and violence, you have to take every precaution to protect yourself and any children you have. You cannot let yourself be victimized or harmed again. You need to use the legal system to protect yourself against future abuse or worse.

However, navigating the system can be a challenge if you do not understand what the laws are or how you can use them to your advantage. With a family court judge, a divorce law firm, or domestic violence attorney hillsborough county victims like you can take the first steps in rebuilding your life free from abuse and threats.

Proving the Abuse

One of the most troublesome burdens you bear as a domestic abuse victim involves proving the violence perpetrated against you. The other party might come to court and accuse you of making up lies about him or her. You may feel ashamed and embarrassed about what happened and just want the entire matter to go away.

However, for your own safety it is crucial that you remain committed to your case and let your lawyer take the lead. Your attorney can help you gather and bring evidence of abuse to court. With your attorney’s assistance, you can build a solid case that will be difficult or impossible for the other party to refute.

Once you have proved your case and been awarded your verdict, you can still have your lawyer help you rebuild your future. Your attorney can make sure the court issues a Protection from Abuse or PFA order. He or she also can petition the court for a child support order if you have minor children of whom you have retained custody. The orders can be issued without the other person having any contact with you.

Rebuilding your life after being abused for years may seem like a challenge. However, your attorney can be your best advocate during your case. With his or her guidance, you can gain the protection you need to move forward. You also can get the financial support to which the children are entitled.

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