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Open MRI Machines Offer A New Experience For Patients

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Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, has long been used as an invaluable method for diagnosing patients. It provides the ability to view the physiological processes of an individual to help identify and diagnose medical conditions.

While vital to medical diagnosis, the testing is often uncomfortable and can cause some patients to feel especially disturbed by the loud noises and vibrations of the machine.

Today, patients have a new option, called the opened MRI. As a fairly new device, this type of MRI is only available through a few select imaging facilities. It provides the same quality imaging as a traditional MRI, but also provides a calmer and less stressful experience for the patients. As the name suggests, the machine provides a larger and less confining space for the patient, which helps to set the individual at ease.

The open magnetic resonance imaging chamber also helps caregivers diagnose patients with larger body sizes. Traditional MRI machines are too restrictive and can only accommodate individuals up to a specified body weight, but the larger chamber allows for more obese patients to submit to this type of imaging. This means they can receive a more accurate diagnosis through the use of this type of imaging.

The experience of this new style of MRI machine allows technicians to be more watchful of children and other patients, who may need to be supervised more fully. The platform is cushioned for the patient’s comfort and there’s a high quality speaker system installed in the chamber to allow better communication. This type of MRI was redesigned to ensure better comfort for the patient without sacrificing the quality of the images recorded during the process.

If you need to undergo an MRI imaging process, ask your doctor about visiting a facility equipped with the open style MRI machine. It will provide images that are just as clear and detailed as results from a normal MRI, while providing you with a more pleasant experience. There’s no reason your comfort has to be compromised, as you and your doctor pursue an accurate diagnosis for your medical condition.

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