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Lessons Learned from Years with Wellness

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Non Medication Methods of Fighting Anxiety

We are in an era where medicine use seems to increase on a daily basis. The first thing that comes to mind are pills more so for persons that suffer anxiety from time to time. In real sense, medication should be the last resort now that there are drug free alternatives available these days. Keep reading this article if you desire to learn more.

Experts advocate for exercise now that research shows that people that don’t do so are prone to anxiety disorders. If you are wondering how anxiety and exercise are connected, realize that being active helps the body release neurotransmitters that help in keeping you in good spirits. Stress hormones take a downward spiral when you exercise and hence keeping all anxiety at bay. This is the way to go for any person that desires to have mental health that is nothing short of topnotch.

Nutrition is something you cannot afford to overlook as it is among the effective stress fighters. Anxiety is likely to always knock at your door when you are deficient of the mineral magnesium. It’s somewhat sad that magnesium is wiped off from majority of foods as a result of the processing procedures. Should you think that this mineral is lacking in your body, consult a doctor near you now that magnesium supplements can help.

Breathing exercise will come in handy under these circumstances. Hyperventilation that seems to get the best of panic attack victims will be the least of your worries if you made breathing exercise your best friend. In order to always maintain the proper carbon dioxide balance, slowly breathe in using the nose followed by an exhalation in a pursed lip manner.

Though weird, shouting is among the ways that can help you fight anxiety. It would be for your own good to do this in a private area lest people think you have gone nuts. Shouting is a sure fire way of letting out any stress that is locked within. Feel free to even punch pillows now that this behavior is fun to do and thus help keep you stress free.

It would also help to know the triggers that make you stressed. Figuring this out need not be an arduous task as all you need do is take note of experiences that makes you feel like the walls are crumbling. You should as well note down experiences that make the quality of your life better and incorporate to your daily living. This list will ensure you always know what needs to be done in order to stay happy.

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