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How to Choose the Right Dentist

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Moving to a new area can be tough. Besides moving into a new house, there is a litany of other things that need to be taken car of. You need to find your kids a new school, change your mailing address, and set up all of your in-home services like cable and internet. Finding a new dentist often gets lost in the shuffle of all of this.

If you have lived in your new home for a while, you and your family are probably ready to make your first dental visits. There seem to be a growing number of dentists in every are all competing for your patronage. So, how do you know which dentist to choose? Here are some tips from Park Slope Family Dentistry to help you choose the right dentist for your needs.

Four Tips to Choose the Right Dentist
1. Ask Neighbors – There is no better source for information like this than word of mouth. Your friends and neighbors won’t want to look you in the eye if they give you a bad recommendation, so they will be sure to only recommend a dentist to you that they trust fully.
2. Online Reviews – Online reviews are a good way to get recommendations for a company if you don’t know anyone to ask yet. A good idea is to ignore the best and worst reviews and focus on the three and four-star reviews to get an honest depiction of what you can expect from that dentist.
3. Ask Your Old Dentist – You might be surprised at how many dentists end up knowing each other. Chances are your current dentist went to school with someone close to your area that they can recommend. No one knows who the good dentists are more than other dentists.
4. Insurance – Look at your dental coverage. Only certain dentists will be covered under your policy, meaning services at the others will have to be paid for completely out of pocket. Only go to dentists that are covered under your current dental plan.

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