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Expert Medical Diagnosis and Integrated Care for Recovery After a Car Accident

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Medical doctors and complementary health care practitioners are crucial for treating illnesses, chronic health disorders and injuries. They also perform wellness exams and provide recommendations as to how patients can improve their health. They check young patients over to make sure they are healthy and fit enough to join a school sports team. Another service they provide involves diagnostics after a vehicle collision so patients know if they need car accident treatment. In many cases, injury symptoms do not appear for more than 24 hours after an accident.

The Importance of Prompt Diagnostics

There are two essential reasons to seek medical diagnostics promptly after a car accident. The first is that the sooner treatment begins for a condition such as whiplash or a soft tissue injury, the faster recovery is likely to be. The second is that the injured person may want to obtain financial compensation from their insurance company for related expenses, but the insurer is less likely to approve a claim if the policyholder has waited any length of time to report an injury.

The Insurer’s Concerns

When delays occur, insurance adjusters may suspect that the person may be making a claim on an older injury. Insurers are always on the lookout for fraud. It becomes more important than ever to receive a medical diagnosis supported by imaging or other tests. X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging are examples of diagnostics that can help doctors verify whether an injury is recent or occurred long ago. These medical records can help a great deal to confirm to insurers that there is no fraudulent activity involved.

Types of Treatment at an Integrated Health Center

After a diagnosis has been made at a facility such as The Mañé Center, the patient is ready to begin therapeutic treatment. This type of clinic has the advantage of offering treatment by a medical doctor, chiropractor and acupuncturist. Many individuals find that this type of integrated health care is most beneficial for treating injuries and illness. A person who has suffered whiplash because of a car accident will benefit from pain management therapy as recovery progresses with attention from these practitioners.

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