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Effects of E Cigs & Smoking to your body

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We all know that smoking is harmful to our health, but we still continue with such lifestyle. This only means that a smoker ignores and takes the risk whatever it is. If you are going to buy a pack of cigarette you can even read warnings on it that it is dangerous to our health. You may also find advertisements about the use of tobacco smoking and how it affects you. But, those were not enough for a smoker to quit because smoking is already a part of his daily routine.

Now, we already have electronic cigarettes everywhere. Some smokers really think that it as an alternative to tobacco. Therefore, they are thinking that this device will keep them safe from the health risk that tobacco brings. That is why many of them started reading about The Best E Cigarette Reviews of 2018 just to get tips about what brand or type of e-cig to buy. But, before buying your own electric cigarette, it would be great, if you will be aware about the effects of this product in your body.

Keep in mind that when you smoke an e-cig, you are just like smoking a tobacco cigarette, too. The only difference is that this e-cig is a battery-operated device while a tobacco just needs fire to light it. In a tobacco cigarette, you heat the tobacco leaves as well as other chemicals in a stick. While in an e-cig, you heat the e-juice, which may also contain nicotine and other chemicals.  The only way to keep you safe is not to smoke neither a tobacco nor electronic cigarette. Anyway, we have here a few of the effects that every e-cig smoker must know.

Brain Development

Today’s generation is unstoppable and untouchable because they will insist whatever they want to do in their life. They act like they know everything and that they do not need an adult’s advice. They like exploring on their own and living a life with freedom. No wonder why you can see teens, who already started to smoke tobacco or electronic cigarettes.

It would be great, if these teens would be informed that their smoking may affect the development of their brain. This may happen because of the nicotine content. Do you know that because of this, then you may have mental as well as personality problems or disorders. As parents, I am sure that you would not allow your children to experience such problems, right? So, your children need additional info about nicotine and how it will affect them.

Eye, Throat and Respiratory Irritation

Have you experienced someone exhaling the smoke in front of you? Did you notice that the smoke irritates your eyes? This smoke was produced from chemicals, so when it reaches your eyes, then it may hurt. Sometimes, you may even feel dizzy or feels like you want to vomit because your body cannot take the chemical content that you have just inhaled. Other smokers will just tell you that this is normal, especially if you are just starting to smoke. But, this is not really a good sign that such lifestyle continuous.

When you smoke, you may sometimes cough, right? This only means that your throat as well as your respiratory track is also irritated. When this is often experienced, then the worst thing that may happen is for this smoke to cause cancer and affecting the central nervous system of the body. So, this is a really serious problem that not just young or teens must know, but the adults as well.

Heart Problem

With or without nicotine, your vaping or smoking may still affect your heart. Do you know that e-cigs may also contain chemicals that are considered as stimulants? Therefore, when inhaled, then it will tell your heart to go faster than your normal heart beat. When this happens, then you may suffer from high blood pressure or may even damage the cells in your heart, leading to heart diseases and other problems.

This is also the same problem that a smoker may experience because of tobacco cigarettes. So, if you care about your health, then go to https://www.theverge.com/2017/2/1/14460996/e-cig-vaping-risk-heart-disease-health-jama-study to be aware about what is happening about this issue.

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