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Caring For Your Sinuses

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You don’t often think too much about your sinuses until they are giving you trouble. Headaches, facial pressure and a runny nose are the first signs of a problem, but what if you could prevent all that from happening in the first place?

What Causes Sinus Issues?

Sinus problems can be acute or chronic. Acute issues occur when something has irritated the sinus passages or when an illness is causing an upper respiratory disturbance that can then lead to infection.

Chronic sinus problems are harder to get to the bottom of. Seasonal changes and allergies are two main culprits, but sometimes, there seems to be no rhyme or reason for sinus trouble. Prevention is the best medicine here.

Supporting Your Sinuses With Supplements

One simple way to care for your sinuses is to take the right vitamins. Certain vitamins such as C and D aid the entire body, including cellular activity in the sinuses. Adding herbs that specifically target mucus can further this action by either decreasing or increasing mucus production, depending on your specific ailment, or improving the viscosity of the mucus to improve drainage and speed removal of wastes that build up in the mucus. Supplements can go a long way in sinus support so study which ones might work best for your unique situation.

Nasal Irrigation For Prevention

Physically irrigating the sinus cavity is a traditional method of clearing out excess mucus and trapped debris that has gotten caught up in that mucus. There are small cups on the market with a spout at one end to pour saline water up one nostril and into the sinuses. It runs out the other nostril, bringing mucus with it. You use saline packets mixed with the water to ensure that you’re not disturbing the natural flora and pH balance of your sinuses, but the process of pouring water up your nose can feel funny and unnatural at first. Still, this is an inexpensive yet effective way to keep your sinuses clear.

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