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Between The Mountains And Snow

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Bring the mountains of Colorado to any gift that you give by creating a basket with a few crafted details. When you begin making Colorado gift baskets for family members and friends who don’t live in the state and want to experience what is offered by popular areas, you need to determine what you’re going to showcase. Many people think of snow, skiing, and tall mountains when they think of Colorado. A beautiful blue and white basket that features the Colorado mountains and hints of snow in the background is a good place to start when you’re making a basket. You can include a variety of packages of peanuts, jerky, and chocolate candies as a way to give someone the tastes that are often found in the state.

Another idea is to start with a brown wicker basket that is decorated with a blue and white ribbon and large bow. Add a few pine cones as details that accent the items that you put inside. A few cookies and small cakes that look like pine trees, caramel candies, and sticks of jerky are good ideas to include in this basket. Try to add items that tell a story about the wooded areas in the state instead of only the foods that are commonly found.

Since many people think of skiing in Colorado, then make a basket that features this fun activity. A white basket that looks like snow with cotton inside as the base is a good option along with a mug or two and a few packets of hot chocolate. You can also include pictures of some of the popular ski resorts and mountains and some of the foods that you can get at a ski lodge. Try to make this basket have a warm and inviting feeling compared to a basket that only has a few snacks inside.

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