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Are Nootropic Supplements Safe? How to Maximize your Brainpower while Minimizing the Health Risks

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For people who want to use Nootropics, the first question they want to ask the experts is, “Is it safe.” According to Corneliu E. Giurgea, the first person to coin the term Nootropic, real brain-boosting Nootropics should not have any adverse side effects. If they have side effects, it is just minimal. The drug should also have low toxicity. In other words, these brain-boosting drugs is very safe.

But there are supplements available in the market, calling themselves Nootropics but in reality, they don’t meet the safe cognitive enhancer criteria. Some manufacturers also create more safety concerns by mega dosing, making low-quality supplements or making bad combination. How can you find real supplements that are effective, healthy and most importantly, safe? In this article, we will discuss how you can maximize your brain power and minimize the health risks using Nootropics.

What makes it safe?

Explaining how safe using Nootropics are very complicated. Nootropix is classified as brain supplements. Not like pharmaceutical drugs, it did not undergo clinical trials to demonstrate how safe the supplement is. Drugs that are sold in the market are all considered unsafe until they experience clinical trials and shows in the result that these drugs are safe for public consumption with doctor’s prescriptions. Same with pharmaceutical medications, Nootropic supplements are considered not safe until proven otherwise. And most manufacturers sell their products over-the-counter or sell it online retail websites like Amazon, eBay or Alibaba. But these supplements are only as safe as the process that the manufacturers make it.

Let’s take a look at some of the essential points of safe supplement formulation, and discuss how people can use these aspects to identify safe and effective brain supplements

Safety research

The best way to know how safe the Nootropics are is through human clinical trials. If these supplements undergo clinical trials, researchers can record and study everything about that supplement including adverse effects, side effects, and the safe dosage. Overall, these supplements’ safety backed by research is perfect for everyone who uses them. But there is a big difference between research-backed safety and research-backed effectiveness. Although all compounds found in these supplements are safe based on clinical trial, it does not mean that these compounds are active. Here some of the best Nootropic supplements to buy in the market.

Advanced forms

When supplement ingredients underwent clinical trials and presented as a higher-grade form, their safety can improve. Examples of these advanced forms that has increased safety advantages include:

Branded Nootropics – It has registered trademark and features a patented process that helps reduce the side effects and improve the safety of the supplement. Most of these branded products undergo human clinical trials and research to enhance the effectivity and safety.

Standardized herb forms – These are safe and reliable supplements because they are made and calibrated with an exact percentage of active ingredients in mind. Most Nootropic herbs have the same standards as clinical research studies when it comes to safety. Overall. High-End forms focus on the quality of the product that enhances its safety profile.

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Good manufacturing practices

Most Best Nootropic supplements are safe, but without proper handling and unsatisfactory environment, it will turn into health risks. There are a few steps manufacturers have to take to make sure of the safety of their products.

Clean Delivery – It applies to all products, including pharmaceutical products. The cleanliness of the drug relies on its delivery system. If the capsule is compromised, it is pretty sure that the drug or supplement is dangerous for you.

Some manufacturers use questionable capsules, ingredients, and additives that have been known to have potential health risks. It includes:

Artificial coloring – Food dyes have some neurotoxic risks, especially those found in Nootropic supplements.

Artificial preservatives – Some known preservatives disrupt gastrointestinal microflora that can affect our brain functions.

Carrageenan – It is found in some supplement’s delivery system and can cause colon inflammation.

Soy – Nootropic PS is sometimes sourced from soy and is associated with potential hormonal side effects.

Gluten – It is associated with health risks related to absorption of nutrients and digestive problems, especially with people that have sensitive GI tract.


Is Nootropic safe? According to its definition, these supplements are safe. But there are factors between the description and the finished products that can cause health risks. To make sure that you boost your brain power safely, you need to choose the right product and use supplements the right way. Always ask your doctors about the risks and advantages of these supplements as well as how to use them and the frequency.

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