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A Better Option For Your Teeth

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Whether you have dentures and you’re tired of them slipping around or tired of taking them out to clean them or you have missing teeth, implants might be an option that you want to think about. There are a few warning signs that you can look for if you think that you might need implants or if you feel that you’re a good candidate for implants. Consult with a dentist Niles offers before making a final decision so that you can discuss the benefits and some of the negative impacts that you might see with implants.

Most of the time, broken or cracked teeth can be fixed. However, if there is an infection underneath the tooth or if there is too much of the tooth missing, then an extraction could be needed along with an implant. If you’re missing even one of your teeth, the empty space can impact the other teeth in your mouth. When a tooth is missing, the others can shift, creating spaces between the teeth. This can also impact how you eat, how you talk, and how you provide oral hygiene if you’re missing multiple teeth.

Dentures or partials that don’t fit like they should or that are uncomfortable can be replaced with dentures. When you have implants, you won’t have to worry about dentures slipping around in your mouth while you’re talking or while you’re eating. You no longer have to remove dentures when you go to sleep or to clean them. An implant is surgically placed in your jaw bone, making it a permanent part of your mouth. Implants can also help to prevent bone loss, which can aid in maintaining the natural structure of your mouth. If you have been missing teeth for a long time, then you might notice a sunken appearance to your mouth. This can be corrected with implants as well.

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